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Our wide range of expertise diverges from start-ups to Fortune 100 and  from manufacturing  to telecommunications  to financial to commercial software industries
  1. Mobile App Development
    Mobile App Development
    Why build your own mobile app development unit when you can leverage our established and extremely well functioning teams to do that for you.
  2. Near- and Off-Shore Teams
    Near- and Off-Shore Teams
    Utilizing modern technologies and tools, we specialize in building and running highly efficient remote development and application and systems support teams.
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  1. Program and Project Management
    Program and Project Management
    Our experienced consultants can help you run your projects and programs successfully regardless of the the company's preferred methodology. If you don't have one or are unsure which fits best, then we can either create one for you or help you adapt to an already existing industry methodology.
  2. Management Consulting
    Management Consulting
    Matching company's management structure to the it's maturity level, growth goals, and profitability targets can be challenging. Many times an outside view can help clear the view and provide steps to achieve all.
  3. Project Portfolio Management
    Project Portfolio Management
    Giving appropriate priority to company's projects and using the company's budget appropriately is accomplished by Project Portfolio Management. We have personnel and experience to help.
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